Social Media Marketing (SMM) Techniques

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Social media marketing is a new tool for Internet marketing services. This is based on the fact that while all other types of marketing are done by organisation or individuals, who are paid for it. Hence, giving it the name, paid advertisements. On a different note, Social media marketing is an earned media or marketing efforts through word of mouth publicity. As the word of mouth publicity happens through the trusted third parties, the marketing message resonates though them and is expected to be trusted more than the paid marketing.

Standard SMM

Increase your customer base with a dynamic Facebook marketing strategy and original welcome tab. Appeal to new customers with a Like driving coupon, keep in progress and potential customers updated on your newest promotional offers, and post maps, video, and contact forms for real-time lead driving.Keep your customers in the know with professional Twitter and Blog Marketing, and Foursquare business accounts. Access all of your business social media campaigns during one easy portal. You are able to announce your message in one location, and that communication is sent to all of your social media pages.Create quarterly marketing videos to upload to YouTube, Landing Pages, and Facebook.Professionally written weekly blog and social media updates, tailored to your business and geographic area, allow you to promote to your current and prospective customers.Google+ and LinkedIn business pages are two of the latest SMM developments. Take advantage of these advanced social media outlets.

OmexInfotech SMM Advantage:

  1. Brand building.
  2. Increased inbound links and direct referrals.
  3. Network with the best in the industry.
  4. Reaching targeted market segment.
  5. Negligible media costs.
  6. Increased site traffic.

Why us?

  1. To promote your business.
  2. For aggressive marketing and brand visibility.
  3. Increased website traffic.
  4. Increased customer base.
  5. Improved search engine rankings.

SMM Provides Services:

  1. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and Blogs
  2. Promotion Strategy Design pages.
  3. Create Page Nest.
  4. Multi Country Pages.
  5. Adapted Post/Images/Presentations/videos.
  6. Custom created post/presentations/videos.
  7. Groups promotions/Opinion Polls.


  1. Online Social Media Event Setup/Optimization.
  2. Local language posts+ Translate features.
  3. Social Bookmarking /Search optimization.
  4. Onsite Live Updates for event/celebration.
  5. Offline promotion (Pr & News).
  6. Online reputations Monitoring & Management.
  7. Blog Set Up & Optimization.

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