Internet Marketing (SEO) Techniques

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With the advent of Internet revolution, the distance has reduced amongst various interfaces across the globe. Whether it was the distance between the information user/provider or between the buyer and seller, everyone seems to be just closing on the gaps amongst them. Considering the low cost and high benefits associated with Internet marketing, everyone is trying every possible trick to step over each other. One such technique to make ones website visible to the world is called as Search Engine optimisation or SEO. This technique is based on breaking the search algorithm used by various search engines to enable the users website to come on top of the search of the relevant keywords.

The reduction in the distance between the buyer and seller has given rise to what is known as the online web marketing services. In this service, the website user visits the web portal of the e-commerce site and can browse through the various products available there. After choosing the required product, the buyer can pay through the secured payment channel. Finally, the product is delivered to buyers doorstep within the shortest time possible. In this entire process, the buyer is not required to step out of home and hence results in much convenience. In order to promote such e-commerce websites, many organisations including small business website development organisations offer the link building facility, which is nothing but a hidden link of the online market on other websites.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is used to direct the users to the advertising companys websites. There are generally 2 methods uses to display PPC ads. One of such method is to make the ad appear on the top of the search engine results in a different colour. The other method is to display such PPC ad on to the websites, which are popular amongst the Internet users. Organisations or individuals who undertake website development contract may also offer embedding PPC ad as per the theme of the website where the traffic is required to be directed to. For example, a website offering cheap e-commerce development can have traffic directed to it through a PPC ad in Internet servers or from websites offering computing solutions services etc.

Social media marketing is a new tool for Internet marketing services. This is based on the fact that while all other types of marketing are done by organisation or individuals, who are paid for it. Hence, giving it the name, paid advertisements. On a different note, Social media marketing is an earned media or marketing efforts through word of mouth publicity. As the word of mouth publicity happens through the trusted third parties, the marketing message resonates though them and is expected to be trusted more than the paid marketing.

Google algorithm changes are done to lower the ranking of the low quality websites and bring up the high quality websites in a search process. G oogle Panda was first implemented in Apr 2011 and it brought the social media and news sites to the top of the searches. Many changes have happened in Google Panda since then. Another quality tool Google has rolled out recently is the Google Penguin updates. The key message from Google though Penguin updates to webmasters is to make the sites original and remove all the duplicate content. This is the one of the many ways in which protection against Google algorithm changes can be done.

Google recently change in they algorithm says penguin attack. Near about 13% websites are effected with this algorithm. Our expert seo team constatly watch on this and found batter solution for that. If you are one of them and want to grow again then give me a chance to proove our self.

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