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Software development can be of different types. Depending on whether it is designed for mass market or for niche users, the customisation needs in the software can vary. The mass market software may need intense customisation while niche software is built for purpose. On another note, the mass market or commercial off-the shelf software is developed for generic requirements by software development organisations.

One of the customise software developed for the niche domain is for Accounting functionality. Such software takes care of the functional requirements of the account managers, who could be self employed or are working in an organisation. Effectively, this software replaces the paper recording mechanism of the accounting process. All the sub-functions of accounting like Ledger entries, credit/debit notes, balance sheets, financial reporting etc are managed by using this software. Many offshore website development companies are working in this field to develop software for accounting domains.

Invoice creation is an important function in any organisation. As every organisation purchases or sells of some material or services, they are bound to create invoices for customers to record the sales made. Traditionally, these invoices are made manually by the marketing or sales department and sent to the customers along with the supplied material or later after the services are made. These invoices are used by customers to keep a record of the material or services received followed by the settling of payments. Through the use of the Invoice management custom software, sales department can actually create the invoices easily and get them printed or can email the soft copies of it. Many IT organisations can do cheap e-commerce development and hence develop such software.

One of the important niche software which is useful in managing the e-commerce is the Stock management software. This is also known as inventory management software. The basic purpose of this software is to keep a check on the inventory available, project the inventory requirement as per the current usage and predict shortage, if any. The development of this type of niche software can be done by an in-house IT department or by a software developer, who collects the requirement from various departments and develops the software meeting such a requirement. This software can also be integrated with the customer website development process to show the inventory of the current available stock especially for the Business-2-customer e-commerce sites.

The development of custom software is usually done at the system level. The custom software development, which begins with system level review of the clients requirements is usually targeted to make the system robust and to the requirements. Small business website development is considered to be best connected with the e-commerce solutions when the programming is done at the system level. The development at system level can only be taken up by those IT organisations which have enough experience and required skill, in addition to the appropriate domain expertise. Many software development companies in India do a system level research of the functionality requirements before actually moving on to build the desired systems.

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